ExL™ ExtraLifeJets™ Ceramic orifices

The high performance nozzle for professional use.

With threaded ceramic jets for maintenance free operation and longevity. Perfectly suited for fresh or recirculated water.

Orifices size wont change for a minimum of two years for with the use of aggressive recycled water and for a minimum of five years with clean fresh water, guaranteed.

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Sewer and Stormwater nozzles for the professional

What are..... Extra Life Jets™ ?

There are quality nozzles which are reliable and last. On the other hand you find nozzles which wear instantly and "are consumed" from the get go. Changing nozzles will consume much more water and ergo use more energy. Nobody can afford this.

With Extra Life Jet nozzles you are assured, fresh or recirculate water

Sewer and storm drain nozzles for the professional.

ExLJ™ stands for:

  • ceramic inserts with thread
  • fresh ore re circulated water
  • maintenance free
  • optimized design (fluid-mechanic)
  • saving money and resources at the same time
  • for the professional every day use


The multi-use nozzle for small diameter pipes

The multi-use nozzle that cleans the entire pipe and removes heavy debris. Stubborn grease deposits, root hairs or deposits on the bottom of the pipe, no problem for the Blue50™. If you prepare for CCTV inspection or if you clear blockages, this is the nozzle for you. The rotating speed is controlled and on the Blue50™ adjustable. Best of all it requires no maintenance and will handle any water quality fresh or recycled. Built to last even under challenging circumstances.


The ultimate pipe tool for pipes from 150 to 1000 mm

Multi Use Nozzle

The right tool means faster cleaning and using less water and energy.

Standard Nozzle - go around corners remove debris

Grenade Bombe - flush bottom material out of the pipe

Rotating Nozzle – power clean contaminants like grease and other stubborn residues from all around the pipe ready for CCTV inspection

Chain scraper – removes hair roots up to 6 mm thick and this more gently than a scraper can do

Chisel Point – the 15˚ front jet spirals blockages open

Rail – change from steel to plastic and from small to big

More adapters for a wider application soon available ….

Chisel Point up to 300 bar


hydro excavation

The Chisel Point is a penetrating tool to dislodge heavy blockages of any kind. Mineral deposits, ice, mud, sand, grease, opening of roots etc.

The forward jets are cutting into soft materials while the sharp chisel edges will ram with is kinetic energy into the blockages.

Standard cleaning nozzle up to 300 bar

 Light duty go any where nozzle

The standard cleaning nozzle is well balanced between thrust and cleaning force. A strong thrust force is pulling the hose around corners or long distances without sacrificing cleaning power and is suitable to remove normal blockages.

Granat-Bombe up to 300 bar

 Cleans al-around,grease, bio film etc.

The Grenade-Bombs nozzle cleans the circumference of a pipe (grease, bio film) while staying in the centre of the pipe. Pulling the nozzle back out will flush out even heavy debris,cleaning the pipe complete.

Fluke bis max 300 bar

pipe base cleaning

Cleans extreme efficiently large deposit of sand,pebbles, rocks or any solid matter on the base of any pipe, submerged or not. Maximizes the available water with amazing flushing performance.

Can not clean the top part of a pipe.

Bulldozer up to 300 bar

  to push out large quantities of soil, sand, rubble, or other such material

The Bulldozer cleans out extreme fast and efficiently large deposits of sand, pebbles, rocks or any solid matter on the base of any pipe, submerged or not. Low water consumption with amazing flushing performance.

Ejektor up to max. 200 bar

Clean water filled pipes

The Injectors remove debris such as sand, mud, gravel etc. gently from the base of a pipe. The Injector has to be submerged in water and will dredge in difficult to reach locations and/or old and sensitive channel and pipe systems.

Housing and skid made of VA. Includes hose, divider and swivel joint. Recommended operating pressure 100 to 130 bar. Maximum pressure 200 bar Application.

Ceramic Jets / Tools

hydrodynamic optimized form, top cleaning performance

The most critical part on a nozzle is the water exit. The best is here just good enough. It is the key for utilizing the available pump power economically or wasting it.

A good ceramic jet has a high efficiency factor and bundles the water for maximum cleaning power. This is the strength of ExLJ Ceramic jets with its dominance and with over 30 years of experience.

ExLJ ceramic jets have a optimized spray pattern. The jets orifice diameter withstands clean water for at least five years and re conditioned water for at least 2 years, with guaranty.