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The multi-use nozzle with controlled rotation speed for smaller diameter pipes from 80mm up to 300mm.

The speed control is friction less and therefore maintenance free. Standard equipped with ExLife nozzle tips you can operate with any water quality even recycled.

The benefits over a fixed non rotating nozzle are: cleaning of larger pipe diameters possible, cleaner surfaces by less water and energy consumption. Not only are you saving money with the Blue50, this is a green nozzle saving resources.


Weight: kg


Speed controlled, any water quality and lifetime free of maintenance. Profound and fast cleaning of most any pipe contamination.

Owner adjustment for low speed or high rotating speed.




 3x M6

1 x M6 forward

3x M6


200 bar

40 liter/min


120 liter/min

300-2000 rpm adjustable

61 x 87 mm

2.5 kg

1" or ¾”





Weight: kg

Lateral Head Jets

Lateral Jet adapter:

From about 100ltpMin at 100 bar this adapter can be mounted on top of the Blue50/Blue80 head. With 2x fan or pointed ceramic jets, this set- up will maximize power guarantee streak free CCTV pictures.

PDF Blue50/80™and Blue100 Transformer™ Information