Blue100Spider™chain scraper

The chain scraper is designed to remove roots but also can work as good or better as a milling tool. The centraliser it self and the jet driven flywheel plate are used for many other uses like diamond cutter, saw blades, milling head or polishing expansion units.

Buy it dedicated just for scraping or buy it as a expansion unit for your Blue100 Transformer.

The centraliser with adjustable legs can be set in increments of 12mm for pipe diameters from 250mm  (6") to 500 mm (20") . Exchanging the small steel wheels with the large 8 wheels and with 8 axle enlarges the reach to pipe with up to 700mm (28") diameter, the recommended maximum diameter for root removal. With the large leg kit, diameters of 1000mm (40") are reached and with the large wheels 1200mm. This pipe diameters are cleaned with the large profile cleaning attachments like propeller nozzles or cable scrapers. Withstands abrasive recycling water a life time.
Weight: kg

Blue-Spider 500 HD 3/4" chain

Chain scraper "Heavy Duty" complete for pipe diameters from 250 mm to 500 mm diameters and with optional large wheels up to 700 mm.

The Heavy Duty version withstands high forces. The chain located to the inside is quickly readjusted after it gets worn. No pre-made chain lengths required. Flexible, simple, fast, powerful and very inexpensive to operate.

Included in delivery:

1pc. 8000-A000 speed controlled rotating body

1pc. 8000-2011 thrust plate closed

1pc. 8000-2072 fly wheel

1pc 8000-2082 chain plate HD

1pc 8000-2082 cover to plate HD

1set 8000-2084 arms short HD

1set 8000-2083 arms HD

1set chain with end piece for 500 mm diameter

1pc. 3500-0024 centre Knife

1pc. 3514-0500 centralizer 250 mm to 5000 mm

1pc. 8000-2114 skid plastic

(Swivel joint not included optional available)



Expansion Sets "Spider" for Blue100Transformer

Weight: kg

Spider HD Expansion Set for any Blue100Transformer


  • head assembly #8000-2085
  • fly wheel 8000-2082 
  • 1 Set of roller chain for D250mm to 500mm
  • Centralizer #3514-0500
  • 6x 1505 ceramic inserts
  • Flow stop for Blue100 thruster jets #8000-221
  • spanner

(turn union optional)


Ø x L






200)Ø250 - Ø500



6x M10x1


3x M10x1


200)Ø250 - Ø500



Weight: kg

HD chain head complete 3/4" chain


  • 8000-2090 6x
  • 8000-2081 1x
  • 8000-2082 1x
  • 8000-2084 3x
  • 8000-2083 3x
  • 3500-0024 1x