Spider™ Chain Scraper

With the professional series "Spider" you can remove roots in pipes from 80 -1000 mm diameter, mineral deposits and other blockages. Renovation most often starts with a all around cleaning of the pipe, of course the easiest way done with a with a SPIDER.

The SPIDER uses fresh water or exceptional good filtered recirculated water.



Best for pipes from 80 - 100 mm starting at 40 liters per Minute

Passes 90 degree  elbow DN100

Spider60™ / Spider6080™

For pipes from 80 - 250 mm starts at 100 liter per minute.                  


link chains or roller chains

 For pipes from 150 - 250* mm starts at 100 liter per minute

*with optional skids 300 mm



For pipes from 250 - 1000 mm starts at 175 liter per minute   


For pipes from 45 - 900 mm