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Light weight nozzles

To have a nozzles with a low weight you either manufacture it in aluminium or you design it with a minimum on material. Light weight nozzles are used for thrusting uphill or long distances. Attention light weight nozzle tend to "float"  and move around under high pressure and flow.



This aluminium nozzle has high pulling power. Special suitable for cleaning long PVC-tubes found in landfill and waste deposits. With penetration-tip.


Nozzles made of highly resistant light Aluminium-alloy (aircraft industry) with strong,

nozzle with specially designed insert angles for cleaning in waste deposits and relined pipes.

Hollow Nozzle

This nozzle of hardened steel is known its for very strong pull force and cleaning results.

Very light construction with flat water jet angles.

Removes sedimentation, stones and sand.