Blue80 Vibro

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Here you will find quality sewer and industrial nozzles.

For over 30 years we are developing and producing nozzles. Take advantage from our experience and receive  nozzles tuned to your pump system. The right nozzles gives you an economical and ecological advantage. Naturally we we support you in selecting and maintaining your nozzle. Call or write us for any question you may have.



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Large Profile (Propeller) Cleaning

ExL™ Sewer and storm water nozzles with Ceramics for recycling and longivety


ExP™ High performance nozzles with steel tips

Spider™ Chain Scrapper™

Spider50 for 1/2"

Rotating nozzles

D-Roto Vibro Tool

Aquadrill™ With Rotating Centre Jet

Light Weight Nozzles

Deflection and Safety Devices

Industrial 250 to 2500 bar

Nozzle inserts

Swiss Clients